Hi everyone and welcome to this fan website about Anouk Pascale, which we are happy happy to be able to share with you.
Here is a little about Anouk Pascale. She was born Anouk Pascale on the 30th January in a small town called Stockport in the UK. As a child, She grew up with my two brothers and became somewhat of a tomboy to say the least.

She did, however, always have a fascination with beauty and would collect pictures of beautiful women.

Growing up she was very involved in sports and today this is a very important part of her life. She workouts daily for two hours - She loves to feel her body work!

She went to university and achieved a Masters Degree in Combined Sciences only to decide that her passions lays somewhere else - with pictures!! So here she is, doing what she loves.

She have had the honour of working with some great people, producing work for Mystique, Maxim, Loaded, Max, etc. and on calendars worldwide.

Please note that Anouk does NOT accept offers of work which are involved with the Adult Entertainment industry of a sexually explicit nature. Any work requiring various forms of nudity or semi-nudity will be carefully considered upon enquiry. In these instances she will make an assessment as to the level of nudity required, and more importantly, how the imagery will be used and presented, before making any form of firm commitment. So you will never find her in an adult mode search model sites.


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey/Blue
Height: 5' 6" bust: 32"B/C
Waist: 23"
Hips: 32"

FHM Magazine Feature
Maxim Magazine Feature
Muscle and Fitness 3 front covers and bodypainting editorial
Playboy Magazine Newsstand Specials - Lingerie, Wet & Wild

Ellesse Watches Print advertising campaign
Venus Swimwear Print advertising campaign

Mystique Magazine Featured Model